Aerospace & Defence

Trusted eFPGA IPs

Menta eFPGA IPs advantages

Motor controls

Motor controls require simple but fast processing, often based on filters and fourier transforms. These require deterministic systems that can be updated to take into account changes in environment, components aging, etc. 
Menta eFPGA IP are deterministic by nature and offer the optional Core DSP (CDSP) that is targeting, but not limited to, fast, and low power FFT. 


Satellite payloads

Save weight, area and cost by using eFPGA IPs within the payload ASIC / SoC


Secured wireless communication for military radios


Update your radio for any operating field with Menta eFPGA IP. Our Core DSP (CDSP) offer, but is not limited to, high speed, low power reconfigurable FIR & IIR filters.


Avoid trojan / hacking


There is no better strategy than withholding the “crown jewels” of your technology until your product is in your customers’ hands.  With Menta eFPGA you can wait to deliver your most proprietary technology to end-customers as a field-upgrade, minimizing any opportunity for competitors to reverse engineer your product. 


Obsolete FPGA replacement parts


Instead or reworking your whole system because an old FPGA or CPLD is not available anymore, re-create the part based on Menta eFPGA IPs. Menta eFPGA IPs support tri-state and are flexible enough to embedd any kind of arithmetic block and memories. Any programmable IOs can be supported. We also have the right partners to perform the replacement part design and provide the required IOs. 


Several customers in Aerospace & Defence in several countries.

​100% 3rd party standard cells: fully verifiable wihin your own flow. Trusted eFPGA IP.​

22FDXcelerator partner.

Several tapeouts at ST Microelectronics foundry.

No SRAM bitcells. Can be made rad-hard ready by design - like a radio-hardened ASIC.

Secured bitstream module through partnership with Secure-IC.

​Proven through European Defence Agency project.

Menta is a French company with R&D in France and having developped its own software.
​ITAR and export control issues free.