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eFPGA IP definition

  • By customer with Origami Designer or

  • By comparison to exsisting FPGA design or

  • By providing targeted application RTL to Menta


Statement of


  • Specifications of all the options (power, grid, corners, files, format, etc.)

  • PPA targets




  • Delivery 1: floorplan

  • Delivery 2: pre-production GDS2

  • Delivery 3: production ready GDS2


Engagement Model

From Menta products evaluation to eFPGA IP delivery, a Menta FAE is systematically assigned to support our customers. 





  • Documentation

  • MSP

  • Origami Programmer & Origami Designer (trial versions)

  • Evaluation board (optional)

Evaluation process


Once initial discussions confirm the potential usage of Menta eFPGA IP in the customer future products, we provide our software Origami Designer and Origami Programmer to evaluate our technology. The two software allow our customers to apply their application RTL and evaluate the software capability and performances as well as the eFPGA IP PPA.
For newcomers to the eFPGA IPs world, we recommend to buy a Menta Starter Pack. Menta also provides various documents to help the evaluation phase.

Evaluation Process

eFPGA IP definition


The IP definition consists in chosing the form factor, number of eLBs, number of IOs and number and types of eCBs and eMBs. There are several ways to help performing this definition:

  • at customer. There is no need to provide any application RTL to Menta.​

  • for automatic sizing of the eFPGA Origami Designer  - with 

  • by providing resources used on a given COT FPGA implementation to Menta

  • at Menta, by providing target applications RTL.

eFPGA definition

Statement of Work 


Once the customer is ready to engage with Menta we work together and agree on a SoW. The SoW adds to the eFPGA IP definition all the deliverables details: files formats, PVT corners, verifications to run, power options, standard cells to use, PPA targets, etc.

The contracts are signed based on the SoW content.

Statement of Work

eFPGA IP delivery


The delivery of the hardened IP is typically proposed in 3 phases:

  • a container for flooplanning is delivered in a few days

  • a intermediate version of the GDSII is provided for first verifications by the customer

  • a final GDSII, fully verified for production, is provided

Other delivery models are possible.

eFPGA delivery

Download our Products Briefs to circulate to your teams

eFPGA core IP
 Origami Programmer &  Designer 
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