Menta In The News


DAC 2019 interview of Yoan Dupret, Managing Director


November 29, 2018: Looking Beyond the CPU


October 12, 2018: Menta eFPGA IPs at Design & Reuse Shanghai, Interview of Imen Baili, Sales Application Engineer

August 28, 2018: Is Software Necessary? - discover more about Menta eFPGA IPs formal verification

June 28, 2018: Menta eFPGA IP for Kortiq CNN AI, Interview of our Managing Director, Yoan Dupret

September 14, 2017: Interview of our Sales Application Engineer Imen Baili and our China Sales Reps, Mark Ma from Jiatao

September 7, 2017: A Chip for All Seasons

October 17, 2016: Side-Channel Attacks Make Devices Vulnerable (how Menta eFPGA helps protecting agains side-channel attacks)

September 2, 2016: Dedicated embedded FPGA - Building Flexible SoCs (video interview at IP SoC day 2016 in Shanghai)

August 30, 2016: Has The Time Come for SoC Embedded FPGAs? (with video interview at DAC 2016. Also available on ChipEstimate and JB Systems Tech)

November 16, 2015: Menta eFPGAs Win over E.U.