Building flexible SoCs

“We are please to select Menta's eFPGA IP for our 5G NR SoC. The eFPGA IP surpassed all other available options on the market in terms of flexibility, technology portability and customer support. Menta's IP supports of the specifications of our next-generation wireless communication products, including re-configurable and software-defined features. The portability of their IP to all process technologies makes them an ideal long-term technology partner.”
Tao Hu, VP of engineering of Beijing Chongxin Communication Company

March 12, 2019 eFPGA IP from Menta Selected by Beijing Chongxin Communication Company to Enable Progammability in 4G/5G Wireless Baseband SoC

“Menta is an ideal partner for the European Processor Initiative. Their high-performance eFPGA technology aligns perfectly with the objectives of our program. Menta’s pure digital IP guarantees a very fast delivery. The technology is provided with an ASIC-like design for test and verification methodology that is critical to enabling first time success of IPs in the most advanced process nodes.”
​Philippe Notton, general manager of EPI

December 11, 2018 Menta Selected as Sole Provider of Embedded FPGAs for European Processor Initiative

Embedded FPGA IP for integration in SoC / ASIC

Realize a new level of flexibility in SOC design with embedded programmable logic from Menta. Building flexibility into SoCs allows common design issues to be handled at will, post production. 

With Menta eFPGA IP cores, designers can fix a bug, accommodate a changing standard, or add a desired application feature without the need for a costly and time-consuming re-design.

Menta eFPGA IP Cores have applications in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Security and many more.

Preserve your design investment – build flexibility into your next SoC with
Menta eFPGA IP Cores.

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