Complete Static Timing
Analysis Report
  • SDC files support

  • Performance estimation based on selected technology node and libraries

  • Critical paths reports

  • Generation of setup and hold report


Origami Programmer

Origami Programmer is a state-of-the-art, robust and easy to use programming software to synthesis, place & route, run STA and generate the bitstream that targets/optimizes the users’ RTL specifically to its Menta eFPGA architecture. 

Embedded RTL parser and synthesis
  • IEEE VHDL, Verilog and System-Verilog support

  • Synthesized RTL designs optimized to Menta eFPGA architecture

  • Timing or area driven

  • Free from any export-control and patent issues

Place & Route
  • Powerful Place & Route engine

  • Low LUT usage and Optimum routing

  • Timing and IO placement constraints aware

User-friendly Graphical Interface
  • Manual floor planning: placement per zone or per block

  • Resources usage summary within GUI or as an ASCII file

  • Statistics on density

  • Scriptable TCL commands

Download the Origami Programmer product brief to circulate to your teams and learn more about its features and benefits

Menta delivers 100% third party standard-cells embedded FPGA IPs for SoC, ASIC or ASSP designs. 

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