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Menta eFPGA IPs are 100% third party standard cells, and each IP is unique per customer. There is no requirement to provide silicon proven IPs on every technology node and option. 

Menta Starter Pack

The Menta Starter Pack (MSP) is the perfect way to get the best understanding of eFPGA technology and help jumpstart your design. The MSP includes two days of training, either at your site or in Menta’s offices in Sophia-Antipolis, France. During the training, all the aspects of the technology are explained, including details on eFPGA architectures, implementation, simulation and test. At the completion of training, customers gain 6 weeks of access to Origami Programmer, sample RTL designs, and dedicated FAE support.


Download our Products Briefs to circulate to your teams

eFPGA core IP
 Origami Programmer
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