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Our Customers

At Menta, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every customer engagement is a successful by providing all of the necessary files, training and support needed for our eFPGA IPs. Our programming software can be delivered to you and to your customers.

We also can provide our programming software as an API so that you can integrate it inside your own tool suite and distribute it to your customers. Below are just a few of our successful customers.


Menta is providing a radiation-hardened eFPGA IP for the next generation of Space ICs within the PROMISE project.

Direction Générale de l'Armement with the aid of the ministère de l'Economie et des Finances (Direction Générale des Entreprises). eFPGA of large size with secure bitstream. Partnership with Secure-IC.


EDA-SoC program. Supported by France, Italy, Germany and Norway and involving companies such as Airbus Defence & Space, MBDA, Safran, ST Microelectronics and Thales. Successfully completed in 2015.

​Beijing Chongxin Communication Technology
Menta is providing an eFPGA IP for next generation of 5G small/pico cells in TSMC 12FFC.

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