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Aerospace Defense

Aerospace and Defense motor controls require simple but fast processing power often based on filters and fourier transforms. These require deterministic systems that can be updated to be agile enough for changes in environment and the lifecycle of the componentry. Menta eFPGA IP are deterministic by nature and offer the optional adaptive DSP targeting but not limited to fast and low power FFT. Satellite payloads save weight, area and cost using eFPGA IPs within the payload ASIC/SoC. Aerospace and defense applications can also update the radio for any operating field with Menta eFPGA IP. Our core DSP (CDSP) offers high speed, low power reconfigurable FIR and IIR filters as well as other benefits. 





Motor controls ask for high speed control loops that often require highly parallel signal processing operations such as FFT. Menta eFPGA IPs and their CDSP avoid compromising between efficiency (ASIC implementation) and flexibility over lifetime (MCU implementation) by offering both.

Hidden Cryptography

FPGA COTS components are often used as cryptography (AES, SHA, etc.) accelerators. However, this compromises the security of the system by hacking the communication between the ASIC/SoC and the COT component. eFPGA IPs can be used to run ciphering algorithms. Menta eFPGA bitstream can be easily secured to avoid any tentative of hacking.

Avoid trojan / hacking

Malicious insertion threats involve the intentional introduction of defects or malicious functions into a photomask or into an individual IC. Using Menta eFPGA IPs to protect crown jewels ensure that no trojan/hacking will be inserted at mask level during the IC fabrication.



Satellite payloads require the lowest possible weight as each gram is introducing a large difference in cost. Menta eFPGA IPs allow getting rid of small COTS FPGA extra components, their additional passives and reduce the board size. Menta eFPGA can be radiation hardened by design.

Secured wireless communication 

Update your radio for any operating field with Menta eFPGA IP. Our Core DSP (CDSP) offers, but is not limited to, high speed, low power reconfigurable FIR & IIR filters.

Obsolete FPGA replacement

Avoid disturbing the whole supply chain by doing a pin to pin compatible replacement FPGA based on Menta eFPGA IP.



100% third party standard cells: fully verifiable wihin your own flow. Trusted eFPGA IP.​
22FDXcelerator partner.
Several tapeouts at ST Microelectronics foundry.
No SRAM bitcells. Can be made rad-hard ready by design - like a radio-hardened ASIC.
Secured bitstream module through partnership with Secure-IC and others.
​Proven through European Defence Agency project.
Menta is a French company with R&D in France who develops its own software.
​ITAR and export control issues free.
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