Internet of Things

MCUs extension, interfaces, etc.

Menta eFPGA IPs advantages

Whenever security is important, running encryption / decryption algorithms on Menta eFPGA IPs allow these algorithms to be updated in the field.

Reconfigurable MCU
Reduce supply chain and number of variants. Reconfigurable MCUs in the field.

​100% 3rd party standard cells: fully verifiable wihin your own flow. 

Limited extra cost.

Can use automotive ready standard cells.

Standard scan chain DfT. Test coverage in excess of 99.8%. Fault coverage in excess of 99.5%.

No SRAM bitcells. No testchip required.

Reducing BoM
Get rid of the tiny FPGAs that are used for interfaces and last minutes fix by embedding the logic in your IoT SoC. Programmable logic cost can be reduced by up to 10x.

Sensor hub
Support new sensors & application in the field with high power efficiency.