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Create eFPGA architectures
  • Automatic computation of eFPGA architecture based on any number of application RTL codes or number of required resources

  • User friendly graphical interface


Origami Designer

Origami Designer is an enhanced version of the company’s innovative, robust and easy-to-use, eFPGA IP specification software. Menta eFPGA IP Cores use standard cells, and as such integrate smoothly into any standard ASIC design flow.

Generation of Menta Architecture File
  • Can be used for detailed exploration within Origami Programmer

  • Usable accross technology nodes

  • Provided to Menta for eFPGA IP generation

Architecture exploration
  • Manual edit of architecture parameters

  • Add or move columns of RAM, DSP, and custom blocks

  • Compare PPA of the generated architectures


Download the Origami Designer product brief to circulate to your teams and learn more about its features and benefits

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